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FCM Travel Solutions UK has upscaled its ProTAS mid & back office solution to incorporate ProTAS Finance module

FCm Travel Solutions UK boost productivity when using the ProTAS mid-back office solutions.
Staff need to perform fewer manual processes and their time is freed up to complete other tasks.
This means the travel management company can achieve more without increasing its overheads
and has a much stronger control environment.

As businesses change and client needs evolve, travel management companies often find themselves juggling multiple systems in order to control their various booking, reporting and payment systems. As a result, inefficiencies can creep in that threaten to damage profit margins at a time when competition is fierce.

Deploying a single, integrated mid-back office solution is the perfect way to simplify business processes and save valuable time and money. Users only have to enter a set of information once before it is sent automatically everywhere it needs to go, from booking through to generating invoices and beyond.

That’s something that FCm Travel Solutions UK has known for several years since the company adopted the ProTAS system from ProCon Solution in 1998. However, ProCon is delighted to announce that FCm Travel Solutions UK has chosen to upscale its existing solution with the ProTAS Finance module.

Adam Murray, UK group chief financial officer, says that the company had previously used a different system to handle its finance procedures. However, as the business has developed and new emphasis has been placed on guaranteeing process excellence, the firm has come to appreciate the value of streamlining front, mid and back office processes.

“As head of finance, I lost my patience with not having a fully integrated finance solution that was integrated in
terms of content and mid-office. Previously we had two separate systems, and those systems were supported by two separate third parties which was inefficient and not sustainable from my perspective.”
- Adam Murray

ProTAS Finance

ProTAS Finance offers effective financial management, complete with integrated accounts payable and receivable on top of a general ledger.

But it also allows data extraction on specific reservations and distribution channels as well as customers and suppliers so travel management companies can stay on top of the revenue flowing in and out.

Users can therefore process transfers between bookings, put together payment advice for suppliers and generate account reports. And then, you can integrate and reconcile accounts seamlessly to improve efficiency and

“From a finance perspective, it has given me a much stronger control environment - that is very important. It has given me better visibility and a better ability to manage our debt profile. It has removed a lot of incredibly manual processes that we had previously," Mr. Murray says.

“It is going to allow us to be more nimble and take advantage of developments that Procon themselves have provided. It will be timelier and allow us to realise the developments and changes that we would like to make in the front end of Procon.”
- Adam Murray

Boosting productivity

Because staff need to perform fewer manual processes when using the ProTAS mid-back office solution, their time is freed up to complete other tasks. This means travel management companies can achieve more without increasing their overheads.

“That has allowed us to improve things for our operational staff and travel managers, making them much more productive and equally allowing them to give a bigger focus to delivering a great customer experience, rather than them being caught up with unnecessary administrative tasks,”
says Mr. Murray

Working with Procon

Mr. Murray explains that the value Procon places on face-to-face contact and its flexibility to suit the priorities and deadlines of the business have made them a great company to work with. Because Procon works hard to understand the business and tailors its solution to a firm’s specific requirements, it has been able to identify the areas where there is the biggest scope to improve process efficiency.

“It’s just great to work with a provider and a genuine business partner who wants to understand our business to allow them to make the right recommendations for us rather than giving us a one-size-fits-all solution,” he adds.

“Procon have their core system but they want to ensure that it is tailored where appropriate to the needs of the business.”

“Procon is constantly investing in enhancing the complete integrated ProTAS solution to ensure that we can support the work processes of our customers when it comes to managing new content types as well as new payment options. For us it is never just a question of managing bookings; it is also getting the back office processes right. For this we are dependent on the valuable input from our customers and we welcome the opportunity of working with the finance team of FCM Travel Solutions UK and further enhancing our total product offering to the benefit of all of our customers,” says Mr. Jesper Just, Managing Director at Procon Solution.

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