Administration <br/> management


Eliminate repetitive processes and remove the need to manually enter information

Avoid data entry errors and enhance data integrity across your business.

With the changing business environment where new suppliers and payment options are constantly being introduced the Procon system is supporting an effective execution of administrative processes by introducing automatic processing of invoicing, supplier and payment reconciliation.

Key benefits

Reduce time to manage </br> Bill Backs

Reduce time to manage
Bill Backs

Automate the creation of customer invoices based on the statements received from Conferma or other suppliers.
Reduce time and errors when loading supplier invoices

Reduce time and errors when loading supplier invoices

Automatic upload and matching of supplier invoices. With ProTAS, it is possible to dynamically set matching criteria per supplier that is increasing the automatic matching and reconciliation.

Reduce time to reconcile customer payments

Reduce time to reconcile customer payments

ProTAS offers the option of automatically loading bank and credit card statements and matching these against customer and supplier invoices for balancing of the respective accounts.

What is Administrative Management and how can it benefit your travel business?

When you operate in the travel industry, administrative management is essential for ensuring that resources are being used effectively and that employees are working efficiently to achieve the organization's goals. By implementing effective administrative management strategies, your travel business or agency can improve your overall performance and clear your tasks faster and more efficiently.

Therefore, when you sit in an administrative function, a proper software solution will allow you to meet these needs. With our Procon system, we have found a way that lets you automate and scale this, no matter your company’s size.

One of the benefits of using an administration management software for your travel business is improved planning. By setting clear goals and objectives, your business can develop action plans and allocate resources to achieve those goals. This will help you to streamline your operations, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Secondly, organizing your resources is crucial for your business. By delegating tasks and creating structures to ensure that all aspects of your organization are working together effectively, you can improve your performance and achieve your objectives more efficiently.

Thirdly, when you want to be effective in administrative management, it also involves providing leadership and guidance to your employees. This is particularly important, as your employees often need to work together to deliver high-quality services to your customers. By providing ongoing training and development opportunities for your employees, you can help improve their performance and ensure that they have the skills and knowledge they need to provide exceptional service to your customers, and at the same time allow them to manage them properly.

Finally, as we briefly skirted around, technology can play a significant role in improving the administrative management practices in your business. We of course recommend our software solution, as it can streamline your workflows, improve communication between team members, and monitor performance. It also allows you to use data analytics tools to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to improve their performance.

If you want to read more about how Procon Solution also can help your business, our software solution is also able to help you with improving your financial management, administrative management and it can help you easily integrate data that you can utilise for your travel business.

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