FCM Ireland boosts competitiveness with ProTAS

"The industry is becoming very complex so we needed a more recently built system which had the scalability that ProTAS has, and that is why we made the change."
- Valerie Metcalfe, managing director, FCm Ireland

The Challenge

Producing meaningful reports that clients can use to inform their travel policies is a key task for travel management companies, and it was one that FCm Ireland wanted to get absolutely right as it was being asked to provide increasingly detailed data on a wider variety of services. Its previous back office system had been developed to its full potential and there was little room for further growth and innovation. The group required a new solution with greater scalability to meet the increasing need for data-rich reporting.

The Solution

Switching to ProTAS was a big decision for FCm Ireland, but the transition was smooth and the company has seen numerous benefits. It is now able to produce more thorough reports that separate out specific and detailed information, giving the group a competitive edge when bidding for new business. Invoicing processes have been automated and staff is now able to spend more time on frontline tasks. FCm Ireland is now looking at new ways to make the most of the functionality offered by ProTAS.

The Result

  • Acquiring and retaining clients has been much easier since FCm Ireland began using ProTAS
  • Staff are carrying out fewer manual processes, which has boosted productivity
  • The company is now able to do more business without increasing its overheads
  • FCm Ireland is planning to introduce a robotic ticketing system - something it was unable to do before it adopted the ProTAS solution
  • The functionality and scalability of ProTAS means there is potential for further new developments in the future

About FCM Ireland

FCM Travel Solutions, Ireland, became in 2005 a partner in the FCm Travel Solutions global network. We are proud to be recognised as one of the largest and most successful corporate travel agencies in the Irish market. We have been voted Ireland's 'Best Corporate Travel Agency' 2012 & 2013 and one of the 'Top 10 SME Workplaces' in Ireland. We have over 35 years’ experience providing corporate travel management services to many of Ireland’s leading companies across a wide range of industry sectors.