VSMT meets changing client demands with ProTAS

"What we recognised with ProCon was that we immediately had a system that met our clients' requirements but was also adaptable to develop new solutions."
- John Harding, managing director, V.Ships Marine Travel Services (VSMT)

The Challenge

Being part of a young and expanding company is exciting, but growth brings with it new challenges as Monaco-based marine travel specialist V.Ships Marine Travel Services found out. As the group's client list began to swell and become increasingly international, it found itself facing demands for a much broader range of services. VSMT soon realised that its existing mid-office system, though tailor-made, was not up to the job as the company constantly had to develop it to cope with and adapt to these changing requirements. It knew there were systems out there that offered much greater functionality and flexibility.

The Solution

VSMT moved its international business operations onto the ProTAS Mid Office platform in April 2012 to help streamline and consolidate processes. Because the system is fully customisable and can support a range of extensions, the company found it was much more able to cope with increasingly complex and changing client demands across numerous global markets where invoicing and reporting needs can vary wildly. Although there were some teething problems during the migration process - with staff training presenting the biggest challenge - the transition to ProTAS was carried out as smoothly as possible thanks to the support VSMT received from the Procon team.

The Result

  • ProTAS has given VSMT the flexibility it needs to meet the changing demands of an ever-expanding client list and to acquire and retain new business in various different territories around the world
  • The system fully integrates with the company's existing internal travel booking and finance systems
  • VSMT now has a more structured back office and is enjoying greater operational stability, making it more optimistic about future expansion
  • The company worked with ProCon to iron out early migration problems and ensure that services were not disrupted

About V Travel

V.Ships Marine Travel Services, Monaco, is one of the fastest growing independent marine travel specialists with service expectations of the highest level. From its market leading position, a team of highly experienced travel professionals operating out of 7 global offices supports the service of all marine, offshore and corporate markets around the world.