<h1>Director of ProTAS Finance Kim Agerholm – 40 Years at Procon Solution</h1>

Director of ProTAS Finance Kim Agerholm – 40 Years at Procon Solution

Kim Agerholm, Director of ProTAS Finance

Kim Agerholm, the Director of ProTAS Finance of Procon Solution A/S, is responsible of ensuring impeccable features and functionalities of our finance product, ProTAS Finance. He is well known throughout the business and with our client base, always helpful and provides high level of service.

This week we celebrated Kim Agerholm’s 40-year anniversary at Procon. He started out as a young consultant responsible for the Scandinavian market in 1980 and has held different roles within the company.

“I am proud of my 40 years at Procon and I think it’s quite an accomplishment in itself. Reflecting on my time at Procon, I can easily think of many notable and proud moments and events that have shaped the direction of our products, services and company.

For example, when we expanded our software & development resources with our software partner in India back in 1995. From a product perspective, this partnership has helped us with e.g. faster delivery of new features and functionalities, which are adapted to global and local requirements. Another big moment is the release of version 4 of ProTAS, which totally integrated our mid and back office solution in to the Cloud.

One of my favorite things, if I had to say, is the opportunity to meet and connect with people from all around the world. During my 40 years at Procon, I have visited and implemented our solutions in more than 30 countries worldwide.

It has truly been a pleasure to work at this great place, and I look forward to many years more.”

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