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Adding value, rising efficiency: How technology can help travel management companies compete

Travel management companies are caught in the middle of a complex industrial landscape.

New technologies are always emerging and the rate of development is accelerating. At the same time, business travellers are looking for more flexibility in more personalised services, while their organisations remain concerned with compliance and minimising costs. While new services are becoming available and existing ones are evolving, travel management companies have to adopt more and different systems to accommodate the varying demands of corporate clients.

But this can mean that travel management companies face considerable administrative burdens as they strive to keep up with clients’ new needs. Because this can cost valuable time and money, businesses may find themselves struggling with inefficiencies that will inevitably impact on profit margins. Ultimately, this will make it harder for travel management companies to stay competitive. Fortunately, with the right technology many of these obstacles can be overcome, and businesses are exploring options that will allow them to offer better value for money.

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