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Great products deserve
great support

No product is better than the support that comes with it. From our central support centre a group of dedicated people is ready to support and train clients around the world. We’re always just an email or a phone call away – please use of one of the options below:

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The competition, the market and the technology change every day. This makes it necessary to choose a back office solution that allows you to change in step with the changes around you.

With ProTAS, you get a solution that’s always geared to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.
At ProCon Solution, we work exclusively with the travel industry. Our development team is solely focused on tomorrow’s challenges in the travel industry, and we develop our products based on feedback from our clients and in line with technological, market and regulatory changes.

We create your competitive
advantage together

ProTAS is the market’s leading GDS-independent back office system. This means that you as a travel agent is free to cooperate with your suppliers, and that together we are free to develop ProTAS to meet your and your customers’ needs regardless of GDS affiliation.

As a customer, you are our biggest inspiration in the development of ProTAS. For this reason, we’ve developed


ProTAS on an open and flexible platform that can be scaled and adapted to your needs and wishes. We co-innovate in close collaboration with our customers every day, and we continually optimize our processes and develop new tools and features.

And since we focus exclusively on one product, one industry, and you as our customer, we can concentrate our

development resources on responding quickly and effectively to your wishes.

Our adaptive and co-innovative approach to development work and our short development processes give you a unique competitive advantage, because with ProTAS you can always develop your business in steps with the market and your customers. To invest in ProTAS is therefore to invest in the future.

Easy to update,
easy to upgrade

To guarantee you a system that’s always updated, as a ProTAS user you will receive four new releases for your back office solution each year:
  • two service updates, where we make minor adjustments to the system and correct any irregularities
  • two content updates, which are major updates where we introduce new functionality
All updates follow the same guidelines for intuitive user behaviour according to which ProTAS was developed. As a user, you’ll therefore simply experience the updates as natural expansions of your existing capabilities.