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International expansion with a competitive advantage

If you wish to meet your international customers with the same high service level anywhere in the world, as if you had more local representations, you can benefit from the multiple currencies and legal entities of ProTAS. With the appropriate configuration of your ProTAS platform, you can even enjoy the same degree of automation and integration of core mid and back-office processes in all your international activities.

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How technology supports TMC growth

In a complex, congested market, travel agents need to stand out from the crowd. They must offer something unique, both in terms of price and service quality. Today corporate travel is a buyers’ market – with clients constantly seeking more services for less money. Travel agents must offer competitive rates while maintaining quality of service and profitability for themselves. Investing in the right technology solution can deliver operational efficiencies without compromising service quality allowing the travel agent to offer competitive rates and maintaining profitable growth.

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Adding value, rising efficiency: How technology can help....

Travel management companies are caught in the middle of a complex industrial landscape.

New technologies are always emerging and the rate of development is accelerating. At the same time, business travellers are looking for more flexibility in more personalised services, while their organisations remain concerned with compliance and minimizing costs. While new services are becoming available and existing ones are evolving, travel management companies have to adopt more and different systems to accommodate the varying demands of corporate clients.

But this can mean that travel management companies face considerable administrative burdens as they strive to keep up with clients’ new needs. Because this can cost valuable time and money, businesses may find themselves struggling with inefficiencies that will inevitably impact on profit margins. Ultimately, this will make it harder for travel management companies to stay competitive. Fortunately, with the right technology many of these obstacles can be overcome, and businesses are exploring options that will allow them to offer better value for money.

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Tech Specs

ProTAS is developed on the superior database technology from Oracle and only operates on this database. Apart from this technical dependency no other dependencies or limitations exist.

ProTAS System Requirements:

ProTAS is developed in a very open architecture and allows for integration to virtually all existing travel-technology solutions.

Software Requirements

Server Workstation
Supported Operating Systems Supported Operating Systems
Windows server 2003 32/64bit Windows XP
Windows server 2003R2 32/64bit Windows Vista
Windows server 2008 32/64bit Windows server 2003 32/64bit
Windows server 2008R2 Windows server 2003R2 32/64bit
Windows server 2012 Windows server 2008 32/64bit
Windows server 2012R2 Windows server 2008R2
  Windows 7
  Windows 8.x
  Windows server 2012
  Windows server 2012R2
Supported Database Platforms Supported Desktop Applications
Oracle 10G Microsoft Office 2003
Oracle 11G Microsoft Office 2007
  Microsoft Office 2010
  Microsoft Office 2013

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Server Workstation
CPU Intel (X86) 1 GHz, AMD 64 Intel EM64T CPU Intel (X86) 1 GHz, AMD 64 Intel EM64T
Hard Disk Free Space 80GB Hard Disk Free Space 2GB
Display 1024x768 256 colors Display 1024x768 256 colors