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ProCon's clients meet their needs through ProTAS 

Every travel management company has a different set of needs when it comes to technology. No two businesses are the same, and while one may be successfully pursuing an intense growth strategy another may be drowning in a sea of administration, unable to expand their business as a result.
The needs of both of these businesses will be different, but the solution to the challenges they face is the same: a mid-back office system designed specifically for business travel agencies that can automate manual processes, streamline workflows and simplify payments.
With ProTAS, you can improve efficiency and accuracy, boost productivity and focus on delivering the best service possible to your clients. Some of the world's most successful travel agencies have implemented ProCon Solution's mid-back office system as a solution to their needs and have seen some fantastic results, which they have been happy to share with us.

Increased manual workloads
Administrative functions are what keep your business running from day to day, but it can be very easy to become bogged down if you are doing everything manually, leaving you with less time to dedicate to important, value-added tasks like providing great customer service, saving costs and looking for ways to make your business even more competitive.
ProTAS lets you automate all of these manual processes, from data capture and order processing to invoicing and report generation, which not only frees up valuable time but also helps to improve efficiency and accuracy across the entire workflow.
Vliegtickets.nl BV was experiencing an increasing manual workload relating to its order handling before it adopted ProTAS and needed to automate core processes in order to pursue a profitable growth strategy in future years. Now it is enjoying improved efficiency, better accountability and has been able to implement a successful online strategy to boost customer retention.
A need for detailed reporting
Generating meaningful reports for your clients so they can see how their travel programme is working and where improvements can be made is essential if you want to stay ahead of the curve. With ProTAS it is possible to produce accurate, sophisticated reports that can add real value for your clients and help you remain competitive.
FCm Ireland was facing growing demands for increasingly complex reporting and its previous back office system simply was not up to the job. After adopting ProTAS it was able to meet these demands and more, and claims its ability to produce very detailed reports is an "essential feature" when it is bidding for new business.
With ProTAS, you can also generate comprehensive management information systems and business intelligence reports that can analyse the performance of your own operations, allowing you to make better decisions about how your travel agency is run.

Fast growth and global expansion
As your business travel agency expands you may find yourself having to continually develop your IT infrastructure to cope with a growing client list and a mounting workload. With ProTAS there is no need for constant updates as the system is fully flexible and able to grow with you. That's exactly why V. Ships Marine Travel Services chose to implement our system and why working with ProCon has been a "big benefit" for the company.
Moving into new global territories can also put a strain on your existing systems, as South African travel agency Club Travel discovered when it took the decision to expand into other African markets. The use of different currencies and travel payment systems and the need to set up new infrastructure are just some of the challenges global expansion presents. 
ProTAS can help you overcome these by providing a multi-company environment, handling multiple currencies and consolidating data across national borders, all without needing full infrastructure in place. "If we didn't have ProTAS we probably wouldn't have changed our growth strategy," said Club Travel.

Find out how ProTAS can meet your needs too

ProCon Solution's mid-back office travel technology has successfully met the diverse needs of a wide variety of travel agencies. Each of these businesses has had a very different set of priorities and different reasons for coming to us, but all of them have found a solution to their problems in ProTAS.
We are confident we can meet your needs too. Whatever challenges you have as a business travel agency, we can help you overcome them by implementing a mid-back office system that is tailored specifically to your business and designed to solve your particular problems. Our highly-skilled team will work with your every step of the way to make sure ProTAS is delivering tangible results.
Read our case studies for more information about how our customers have solved their unique challenges by adopting ProTAS, and if you'd like to learn more about what we've done for our clients or you'd like to join them and see what ProTAS can do for you.

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