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ProTAS Mid Office

Invoicing, fulfilment and reporting.


Business Process Automation
ProTAS Mid and Back Office helps you achieve operational excellence within you back office processes. The system streamlines your back office operations so that you can increase the productivity while at the same time improve overall quality of data. With the integrated workflow management capabilities in ProTAS Mid Office your employees will have an easy overview of all booking orders as well as all outstanding actions they have to perform in their daily work.


ProTAS time saving features

Detailed workflow management functionalities for managing internal workflow an queues as well as controlling and managing individual agent workload.

Order management functionalities allowing for upfront validation and contribution margin control.

A strong document production function for the creation of all travel documents (itineraries, vouchers, confirmations, invoices).

Integrated Travel Account card processing for all major card companies.


ProTAS makes your business very scalable and typically improves overall productivity by more than 25%. Based on the transaction breakdown some customers experience an automation level of more than 90%, where bookings are fully processed by the ProTAS system without any need for manual intervention.
Customer Profile Management
ProTAS  includes a number of features allowing you to manage the travel profiles of your customers as well as to setup sophisticated fee management structures to determine all fees to be applied to the respective customer.
Customer fees can be applied as:
Management Fees
Transaction Fees
Merchant Fees
GDS Fees
In addition to applying the fees individually, ProTAS can bundle all fees on a single invoice.
Post Ticketing Quality Control
ProTAS automatically process all your bookings from your front office to the back office in one seamless flow.
The integrated workflow process eliminates sources of errors and secures high data quality, reliability and consistency, thereby saving valuable time and resources on manual quality control and corrections.
Quality controls are built into the process flow in ProTAS where both hard and soft validations can be setup on a number of parameters on the travel order. Quality controls are typically activated when a booking is imported into ProTAS and when the fulfillment process is activated.
Logical checks are performed on mandatory fields like administration codes, cost center, employee number, project number and requisition number.
The integrated quality control procedures in ProTAS not only ensure that fulfilment is conducted in accordance with pre-determined criteria but also ensures that the correct information is available for MIS reporting and as important for lodge card reporting.
The quality controls enable the TMC to offer high value services in the form of sophisticated MIS reporting and enhanced data reporting through AirPlus, Amex and other credit card companies