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ProTAS Finance

Financial accounting and controlling

Quick, intelligent and efficient financial management

ProTAS Finance meets the needs of the travel accountant in a complex business environment, responding to the demand for sophisticated reporting and analysis. This is a complete financial accounting system with integrated accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger, which is recognized as an industry leader in travel-related finance.
ProTAS Finance gives you fast and effective financial management and controller functions. In addition to traditional back office functions, you can extract data on all types of reservations, distribution channels, customers and suppliers, meaning you can handle all types of in- and outgoings in the same application.

You can even integrate ProTAS with other administrative systems and expand your business to include more users,

many countries, new features, etc., on the same technical platform.

These are some of the things the ProTAS Finance module guarantees you:

  • Manage automatic posting of journal entries directly from the mid-office order files
  • Seamless integration and reconciliation of accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger that will dramatically improve your administrative productivity
  • The ability to process inter-booking transfers, create supplier payment advice and generate interactive accounts reports


  • Real time reports on financial performance viewed on screen or exported directly to standard applications

  • A multi-company environment allowing each branch office in a travel agency to operate independently under the tax and currency rules in its own country. This will be a big advantage for you as a travel agency if you have or plan to have representation in different countries, since you will be able to consolidate data and economies of scale across national borders

We offer a range of expansion options for ProTAS Finance for additional functionality.

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