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Content Loader

Automated data capture, transfer and processing

One system for all types of data

With its unique GDS/Booking interface, ProTAS gives you the greatest flexibility on the market, because you can handle bookings from all your suppliers independently of the booking source.

And in a way that matches both your own and your customers’ requirements for reporting, billing, fee management and payment forms.

At the same time, the manual routines involved in booking, changes and refunds are automated, so you minimize time consumption and sources of error.

ProTAS Content Loader is developed to collect all types of data in connection with a booking and automatically transmit the information for further order processing. It’s easy and involves no manual procedures. As the first step in the order processing, the ProTAS Content Loader collects booking information, e.g. for flights, trains, hotels and cars, and ensures the data is valid and ready for the next phase in handling the overall order.

Whatever the source of the bookings, ProTAS ensures high data quality, reliability and consistency, which you will profit from in the subsequent mid- and back-office functions.

GDS and supplier

No requirements or fixed frameworks! ProTAS automates all bookings from GDS or alternative booking systems and ensures that you as the travel agent gain a major competitive advantage by being completely free to choose suppliers regardless of GDS affiliation.

If data is available in a structured form from your supplier, then ProTAS Content Loader can process it further and deliver tailored data from the front office to the back office without time-consuming manual procedures.

In other words, you have complete control over your business and YOUR system.