Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.

Standard modules

ProTAS Content Loader 
Automated data capture, transfer and processing

ProTAS transfers and consolidates bookings and other information from all GDSs, so you can retain bookings of cars, hotels, trains and other services, credit card information, etc. This means you can optimize the entire booking process so that it becomes efficient, user friendly and profitable.
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ProTAS Mid-Office
Invoicing, fulfilment and reporting

ProTAS automates your order processing and handles all your services and mid-office processes in one integrated flow, including invoicing, ticketing, credit card handling and quality control. This makes the whole process quick, efficient and flawless.

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ProTAS Finance
Financial accounting and controlling

ProTAS gives you overview and control over your finances by handling all methods for in- and outgoings, reconciliations and consolidations. This makes it easy for you to give your customers quick and professional service.

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