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Integration Tools

Making the most of IT

Innovate and integrate

If you want to further optimize and streamline your back office process and take advantage of data from ProTAS in different places in your organization, you can expand ProTAS with a variety of tools and integrate it with other administrative systems. This gives you a wide range of options for gaining an overview of your business and sharing your knowledge in a faster, more detailed way and in the exact environment that suits you – without missing out on ProTAS’s many reporting options.

If you have an idea, we can develop the solution to make it happen. Other clients have chosen to expand ProTAS with, for example:


  • Web services that expose central functions in ProTAS to external applications through a standard interface
  • Database views that ensure the correct delivery of data from the ProTAS database to external applications
  • Integration services: ProCon has developed a number of standards for integration with third party systems covering both batch and real time integration

Contact us and learn more about how to benefit from ProTAS – even in parts of your organization where you hadn’t imagined it.