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ProTAS Extensions

Adding flexibility

Have it your way

With the expansion possibilities of ProTAS Extensions, ProTAS moves ahead of all the other automated and integrated back office systems on the market.

ProTAS Extensions allows you to tailor a system that matches not only your requirements for processing and efficiency, but also your customers’ needs for support, administration and reporting. In short, you get access to a range of enhanced functions and a more advanced use of the system that can further increase your return on investment.

You can supplement the three modules in the ProTAS standard solution – ProTAS Content Loader, ProTAS Mid Office and ProTAS Finance – with different extensions, thus developing ProTAS in step with your business. The many extensions to the Mid Office and Finance modules give you an unparalleled flexibility that you won’t find in any other solution on the market.

And this is a flexibility that can be seen and felt in terms of your bottom line: for example, the systems’ unique credit card facility lets you improve your cash flow and liquidity in relation to settlement via BSP.

Among other things, ProTAS Extensions lets you:  

  • Manage advanced customer fee models and automatically print agreed transaction and management fees on individual invoices and credit notes

  • Automatically debit credit card payments and reconcile credit card statements against individual bookings

  • Optimize cash flow and liquidity by using your agency’s own credit card to pay the vendor while invoicing your customer with another preferred form of payment


Integrate with non-GDS booking sources to automatically create travel orders, invoicing and fulfilment

  • Offer advanced CO2 reporting either through special customer agreements or through a CO2 service company

  • Maintain and control petty cash balance and accounting with full analysis capabilities

  • Improve financial controlling through automated supplier and bank reconciliation

ProTAS Extensions meets by far the majority of the needs and demands of travel agents who want to optimize their business through a flexible adaptation of their back office system. However, if you have very specific requirements for features and delivery of data, we can develop unique extensions to meet your specific requirements for an efficient and sophisticated back office system.