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Delivery Models

A cost effective solution for all

ProCon Solution offers the flexibility and financing options that meet your requirements for a cost effective delivery model, ensures that your organization will remain at the forefront of the technological development and maximizes your return on investment.


We offer three distinct delivery models – ProTAS ASP, ProTAS Hosted and ProTAS License – ensuring that regardless of your company’s size, complexity or in-house IT expertise you can benefit from the advanced features in ProTAS under the best implementation, operational and financial conditions, and at the


lowest possible costs per travel transaction.

And whatever solution you choose, if your needs change you can always switch to another without problems or loss of data – and without affecting your financial profit.


This is a low cost solution designed for small and medium-sized travel agencies, providing you with access to a standard version of the ProTAS travel solution using the internet and terminal servers.

ProTAS ASP is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service solution with limited up-front costs and based on a simple transaction fee price model.

ProTAS Hosted

ProTAS Hosted is designed to give medium-sized and large travel agencies access to a specially configured version of ProTAS.

The solution is fully hosted and managed by ProCon Solution, meaning you do not have to install it locally and organize IT management and DBA resources for it.

We can deliver ProTAS Hosted either as a Software-as-a-Service solution or under a normal license agreement.

ProTAS License

ProTAS License is designed for medium-sized and large travel agencies and based on a standard license agreement where ProTAS is installed at your premises. This solution is optimal if you’re already operating a strong IT department with the required IT and DBA resources in-house.

Please refer to the table below for a quick overview of the ProTAS delivery models or let us know at sales@procon.dk if you want to learn more.

  ProCon ASP ProCon Hosted ProCon Licence

Pricing Model Transaction Fee Transaction and Service Fee Licence Fee

IT Skills required None Limited Standard DBA and application skills

Solution design Standard Configurable Customizable

Standard Implementation time 8 12 12-16 weeks

Optimal transaction volume < 20.000 > 20.000 > 50.000