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Streamline workflow and increase efficiency by up to 33%

If you want to improve your competitiveness by increasing the efficiency of your traditional mid- and back-office functions, we can help you automate all administrative functions related to order handling. We collect your agency’s bookings and then integrate your entire workflow – from order creation, invoicing, posting of financial transactions to the formation of MIS data – on a single platform. Depending on your specific requirements, we tailor your solution with features that are most relevant to you.

Our clients experience significant productivity gains by automating up to 90% of their mid- and back office functions with ProTAS, and several of our customers have achieved an increase in their number of transactions per employee by up to 33%.

The productivity increase frees up resources you can use to do what you’re best at: providing good customer service.

The positive effect can be measured directly on the bottom line and the improvement of your overall competitiveness.

Browse our website for a full presentation of the ProTAS Mid-office solution or contact us for further information and an in-depth analysis of your business leading to a qualified estimate of the potential increase in productivity for your agency.

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What you get

Improve overall competitiveness by working smarter, not harder

The ProTAS back office system integrates all core functions across your entire company, including sales, order management, customer management, operations and financial accounting.

Unlike other travel technology solutions, ProTAS is a single application that automates your business operations and eliminates the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple applications.

ProCon Solution is dedicated to one industry, one product, and you as our customer. With ProTAS, you get a solution developed by travel people for the travel industry.

With dedicated extension modules and integration tools the system can be fully adapted to your business operations according to your needs. The open platform that ProTAS is developed on ensures that you get an up-to-date and efficient back-office solution both today and in the coming years.

With ProTAS, you can streamline your business operations and accelerate your profitable growth through:

  • Efficient order management and fulfilment processes

  • Increased employee productivity by eliminating redundant data entries, errors and costs

  • Improved customer service

  • Reduced transaction costs

Grow your business without adding resources

With ProTAS you get a system that makes your business grow while letting you focus on your customers and on winning new business.

How? We simply take care of all your booking details with an integrated and automated back office solution designed specifically for the travel industry.

ProTAS is built to process your bookings from the front office to the back office in one automated and seamless flow, minimizing manual routines and sources of error. Everything is handled with just a few clicks, known to increase average transaction productivity by as much as 33%.

Increased process efficiency

ProTAS is designed specifically for the travel industry. This means you get a back office system that’s tailored to handle all the processes related to a booking and the further order handling, including changes and refunds.

ProTAS automates all the time-consuming manual tasks in one integrated flow without interfaces to other IT systems, so your order processing and cash flow are optimized, your transaction costs reduced, and your staff can concentrate on providing better value to your customers and your business.

ProTAS gathers all the details so you get the overall picture – and the customer receives a single invoice with all the necessary information. It’s easy, simple and the most effective way to give your customers a professional service.

Improved quality control

With just a few clicks, ProTAS processes all your bookings from the front office to the back office in one automated and seamless flow.

Even the transitions from one phase of the order processing to another are automated and don’t involve any manual procedures. This eliminates sources of error and secures high data quality, reliability and consistency, thereby saving valuable time and resources on manual quality control and corrections.

The integrated quality control procedures in ProTAS ensure that fulfilment is conducted in accordance with predetermined criteria and that the correct information is available for MIS reporting and credit-card reconciliation.

Designed to develop your business

The best travel technology enables you stay at the forefront tomorrow. We know the industry’s challenges better than most and we understand how to engage you in co-innovative development processes and to expand the many options of ProTAS extensions to the system’s basic modules.

The open system architecture allows you to develop your business in the way that suits you best without having to replace your technical platform – and we make it easy for you. Even if your ambitions reach beyond your country’s borders.

The freedom to be independent

ProTAS is the market’s leading GDS-independent back office system. ProTAS was developed on an open platform and can therefore be fully integrated with all front office systems and other administrative systems.

As one of the only back office systems on the market, ProTAS handles all types of data from all data sources. You can freely choose your suppliers regardless of their GDS affiliation, and you are in full control of your business and YOUR system.

This is a benefit you’ll notice every day, because it means you never have to concentrate on the technical solution, just take advantage of the fact that all your data is treated exactly the way you want it – regardless of where it comes from, where it’s used and what it’s used for.

Easy handling and quick overview

With ProTAS you get one of the most advanced back office systems on the market. But you also get a management tool that gives you an overview of both your own business and your customers’ travel habits.

You get easy and clear cost management, automated credit card billing and advanced features for managing your customers’ travel policies. All without spending resources on manual processing. This is because all agreements with customers are defined in the system once and for all and administered centrally.

This means that you can use ProTAS both for monitoring and reporting  on customer and supplier performance. That’s good service – and a powerful tool for creating customer loyalty and additional sales.

How it works

The ProTAS standard solution is built around three integrated modules:

  • ProTAS Content Loader, automated content loading
  • ProTAS Mid Office, invoicing, fulfilment and reporting
  • ProTAS Finance, financial accounting and controlling

In reality, the standard solution is anything but standard. ProTAS offers more advanced functions than any other integrated and automated back office system on the market. Nevertheless, if you should require additional functionality, customized reporting capabilities or integration with other systems, ProTAS can be expanded with more extensions and integration tools.

The automated ProTAS Content Loading function automatically carries through all bookings from your GDS or alternative point-of-sales system. All relevant fees are then applied through the advanced fee-management structure, and the workflow management functions automatically perform

the required quality assurance and production of all travel documents. Finally, all data is transferred to ProTAS Finance for posting and controlling. All with just a few clicks!

The ProTAS back office standard system allows you to:  

  • Automate the way you create travel orders and manage booking workflows based on booking, ticketing and refunds trailers from your preferred GDS. The system also lets you manage hotel/service vouchers and bill backs 
  • Automate your agency’s business processes and workflows and control and manage your individual agents’ workload
  • Improve your order management processes with upfront QC validation and contribution-margin control
  • Automatically create, print and distribute all travel documents (itineraries, vouchers, confirmations, invoices, credit notes)

  • Manage travel accounts from all major card providers, including AirPlus, Amex, Diners, Realex Payments and other local providers

  • Produce standard MIS and BI reports including standard CO2 reporting

  • Free integration with administration systems by virtue of ProTAS’ open system architecture

  • Automatically hand off back office data to external MIS systems

  • Automatically post invoiced orders to the General Ledgers

  • Automate the reconciliation processes for BSP sales, credit card billing and commission tracking

Standard modules

ProTAS Content Loader 
Automated data capture, transfer and processing

ProTAS transfers and consolidates bookings and other information from all GDSs, so you can retain bookings of cars, hotels, trains and other services, credit card information, etc. This means you can optimize the entire booking process so that it becomes efficient, user friendly and profitable.
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ProTAS Mid-Office
Invoicing, fulfilment and reporting

ProTAS automates your order processing and handles all your services and mid-office processes in one integrated flow, including invoicing, ticketing, credit card handling and quality control. This makes the whole process quick, efficient and flawless.

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ProTAS Finance
Financial accounting and controlling

ProTAS gives you overview and control over your finances by handling all methods for in- and outgoings, reconciliations and consolidations. This makes it easy for you to give your customers quick and professional service.


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ProTAS Extensions

Adding flexibility

ProTAS Extensions ensures that you get more and better opportunities to make order processing as efficient as possible. You’ll have access to a wide range of advanced features, making it easy for you to print tickets, keep track of your finances and see sales reports.

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ProTAS Integration Tools

Making the most of it

ProTAS is designed to grow with your business and integrate with other systems. You'll have many options to customize ProTAS. For example, you can allow external databases and administrative systems or services to access the ProTAS application and in this way make your business more efficient and easier to operate.

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Learn more about how we make travel businesses grow in this brochure highlighting the benefits of implementing an automated mid- and back-office solution.



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