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Streamline workflow and increase efficiency by up to 33%

If you want to improve your competitiveness by increasing the efficiency of your traditional mid- and back-office functions, we can help you automate all administrative functions related to order handling. We collect your agency’s bookings and then integrate your entire workflow – from order creation, invoicing, posting of financial transactions to the formation of MIS data – on one single platform. Depending on your specific requirements, we tailor your solution with features that are most relevant to you.

By automating up to 90% of mid- and back office functions with ProTAS we enable our clients to increase their number of transactions per employee by up to 33%.

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The productivity increase frees up resources you can use to do what you’re best at: providing good customer service.

The positive effect can be measured directly on the bottom line and the improvement of your overall competitiveness.

Browse our website for a full presentation of the ProTAS Mid-office solution or contact us for further information and an in-depth analysis of your business leading to a qualified estimate of the potential increase in productivity for your agency.