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Finance Processes

Streamline your finance processes with ProCon Solution

As a travel management company today, you know how fierce the competition can be. Clients are demanding more and more complex services and technology is continually evolving. But at the same time, margins are slim and you need to protect them.

A complete mid-back office solution from ProCon Solution could help you streamline your operation and expand what you can offer to corporate clients. From the minute the booking information is entered into the ProTAS Content Loader, it automatically transfers the data into all the right places, tracking each transaction from invoicing, reporting and even payment. In the modern travel management industry, it gives you everything you need to stay ahead of the competition.

How can ProTAS help?

A mid-back office solution from ProCon allows travel management companies to enter one set of information that is automatically sent to each place it needs to go, from the initial booking details through to mid-office processes such as generating invoices and creating reports.

From there, ProTAS Finance takes over, offering effective financial management with integrated accounts payable and receivable as well as a general ledger. But on top of all this, you can extract data on reservations and distribution channels as well as separate customers and suppliers - everything you need to stay on top of the revenue flowing in and out.

In the end, this guarantees that you can complete the ordering process, put together payment advice for suppliers and generate accounts reports. And then, you can integrate and reconcile accounts seamlessly to make your administration far more productive.

“The architecture of the ProTAS system from ProCon Solution has allowed the company to integrate different (finance systems) in ways which really add value to the business…match the local payments that we make to the local services to the orders that they belong to. It saves us a lot of time.”
- Viktor Hendriks, director, Vliegtickets.nl

Because processing and reporting on transactions is so much faster with ProTAS Finance, it’s easier to track your cash flow and avoid any of those liquidity problems that can have such major consequences.

Of course, you want to know that your records are being managed accurately and consistently, and ProTAS caters for this too. The quality control system makes sure that the whole system is working as it should be.

Complex needs 

Every travel management company has its own complex set of needs - different systems and procedures as well as various client requests. ProTAS can be configured in any number of different ways so that it’s unique to you and your circumstances. There are also plenty of additional modules you can build in: ProTAS offers a complete solution that does everything you need it to do.

That’s not all - ProTAS can even handle multiple currencies, making sure you’re never caught out by conversions. It can also deal with different international reporting styles, leaving you better placed to meet the needs of demanding corporate clients.

Streamlined operations

Using the ProTAS mid-back office solution can lead to huge rewards. Integrating and automating the different stages of each transaction means your staff need to carry out fewer manual processes. In turn this leaves them free to get on with other important tasks for your business - such as building stronger client relationships or negotiating new preferential rates.

Streamlining your operations in this way will make your travel management company far more efficient and productivity could massively improve. Because this means you can take on more business while you’re managing the same overheads, you’ll soon notice the difference in those all-important profit margins.

“Staff now have to carry out fewer manual processes… productivity has risen too and we have more capacity to do more business without increasing our overheads.”
- Valerie Metcalfe, managing director, FCm Ireland

“Efficiency improve by 25 per cent on its daily bank data entry. BSP order reconciliation used to take 14 days – now, it is done in two.”
- Viktor Hendriks, director, Vliegtickets.nl

Extra security

Drawing together every process involved in managing a transaction reduces the room for error, which will also save valuable time and resources to be used elsewhere. But it’s also a good way to enhance information security - users only access data from a single platform. Because you only have to input transaction information once, it won’t be left lying around for as long.

If you’re concerned about sensitive information such as card details being visible throughout the process, you could even consider an extension which scrambles the credit card number every time it appears on the screen. However you choose to use it, ProTAS has everything you need to minimise the risk to both you and your client.

Adding value

Generating data-rich, detailed and tailored reports is just one of the ways that you can not only monitor your own operations, but add value for your clients as well. They’re increasingly interested in your insight and industry knowledge to help them improve policy compliance and save money for themselves. ProTAS makes sure that you have all the tools and the maximum efficiency to make your travel management company indispensable to customers.

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