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Who are using ProTAS?

Currently we have implemented our solutions in 250 locations in 26 countries and we’re privileged to be working with some of the most successful travel agencies in the world.

Our client list includes market leaders and award-winning companies. Joining our growing client list will guarantee that you stay at the forefront of the technological development within the travel industry.

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What Our Clients Say

Procon has adapted ProTAS to meet exactly our requirements
FCM travel solution 25 October 2013
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ProTAS helped us to always be one step ahead
Vliegtickets 15 November 2013
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We wanted a company who could grow with us and ProCon does
V. Ships 4 December 2013
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If we didn’t have ProTAS we probably wouldn’t have changed our growth strategy
Club Travel 28 March 2014
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ProTAS Back Office certainly contributed to the success of our business over the last few years
Business Travel Direct 1 March 2014
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Club Travel is equipped for growth with ProTAS

ProTAS has helped Club Travel to expand its operations

The world is a big old place, yet it is becoming smaller in many ways. It is easier and quicker than ever to travel around the globe, and as a result doing business in a single country no longer makes sense. There's a whole host of exciting opportunities out there just waiting to be explored, and this is as true of travel management companies (TMCs) as it is of the clients they work for. Of course, for a TMC looking to expand into new markets, having the right technology in place to facilitate growth is crucial. Outdated mid and back office systems can seriously strangle business ambitions and put firms at a real competitive disadvantage.
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Gary Mulder, financial director at South African travel agency Club Travel, knows that having the right solution in place can make all the difference when it comes to developing a new international growth strategy. His company adopted the ProTAS Mid and Back Office solution from ProCon more than ten years ago, and with it plans to diversify and expand have been easier to implement.

"The business has grown substantially and we probably wouldn't have been able to grow as easily with an alternative," he explained. "We would probably have needed to have more than one system for our diverse business interests, which would add complications."

ProTAS helped us to always be one step ahead

Vliegtickets.nl embraces integration

Travel management companies and other travel agencies are all too aware of the competition they face in the modern travel industry. Giving corporate clients good value for money means margins are often kept small - so it’s crucial to save whatever resources you can by increasing your efficiency.

One of the real danger areas for companies today is online payment. Fraud risks, data protection and transaction speed are just a few of the issues that some travel management systems aren’t equipped to tackle. The modern travel management firm

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needs to stay on top of these concerns if they are to maintain and even grow their transaction volumes.

For Viktor Hendriks, director of Dutch online travel agency Vliegtickets.nl, the open architecture of the ProTAS system from ProCon Solution has allowed the company to integrate different systems in ways which really add value to the business. He has been a customer of online payment solution provider eNett for “two or three years now” and is clearly reaping the benefits of using ProTAS to sync eNett with other travel management tools.

We wanted a company who could grow with us and ProCon does

Friday 20th September 2013

Every company that works with travel management systems is acutely aware of the growing demands placed upon them. As businesses embrace new markets, travelling further afield and more often, travel management firms have to provide higher volumes of services faster and with greater efficiency than ever.

Then as more data is collected, the focus shifts towards using that information to provide clients with meaningful insight into their travellers’ behaviour, identifying areas where compliance is low and costs can be saved.

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On top of all this, value for money is imperative - as a travel management company, you’re often working on narrow margins to ensure first class service at an economical price, says managing director John Harding. The young and growing company was looking for new ways to cope with a larger client list.

“Although we had a tailor-made system we were constantly having to develop to keep up with requirements,” he explains.

ProCon has adapted ProTAS to meet exactly our requirements

ProTAS helps FCm Ireland keep up with client demand

Travel management companies are keenly aware of the fast-changing nature of the industry. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the technology they use to provide business travel services. As more and more is expected of them, they need the right systems in place to provide complex services to challenging clients.

”The nature of the industry requires constant technology innovations and we saw ongoing potential for this with ProTas,” says Valerie Metcalfe, managing director at FCm Ireland.

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The award winning travel management company’s previous back office system had been developed to its full potential but could not accommodate all of their needs for the future.

FCm Ireland was being asked to provide increasingly detailed data on a wider variety of services. As airlines have moved towards auxiliary services, for example, clients now demand a breakdown of how much they spent on baggage fees or priority boarding over the year, Ms Metcalfe