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Who we are

ProCon Solution was founded in 1979 and has its headquarter in Copenhagen. Through the years, we’ve built up a strong market position as a provider of travel technology to established business-travel agencies worldwide. More than 4,000 daily users spread over 250 locations in 25 countries work increasingly effectively with our advanced mid- and back-office solutions.


Learn more about how we make travel businesses grow in this brochure highlighting the benefits of implementing an automated mid- and back-office solution.


What we do
and how we do it

We focus on one industry, one product, and on you as a business travel agency. If you want to improve your competitiveness by increasing the efficiency of your traditional mid- and back-office functions, we can help you automate all administrative functions related to order handling. We collect your agency’s bookings and then integrate your entire workflow – from order creation, invoicing, posting of financial transactions to the formation of MIS data – on a single platform. Depending on your specific requirements, we tailor your solution with features that are most relevant to you. And the possibilities are endless. With several ProTAS


extensions we ensure that your competitiveness meets the challenges in the travel market – today and tomorrow. We call this value-added thinking.

With ProCon Solution, you’ll be working with a strong team of specialists, not just in the technical area but also in business processing and management in the travel industry. Our many years of dedicated work to improve the competitiveness of some of the most award-winning travel-management companies give us a solid technical foundation for building a close and long-term relation- ship with our clients. Our philosophy is focused on co-

innovation. This means that we’re always responsive and proactive when it comes to your needs, which we meet with solutions based on our valuable experience and a constant attention on developments in the travel market. Together we create the best solutions for improving your overall competitiveness, so you can continue to fulfil your customers’ needs in a constantly changing travel market. This is how we try two help your business grow.

What's in it for you?

In a competitive travel market, your customers come to you as a business travel agent with a constant desire for more services for their money. To meet these demands, you have to keep a watchful eye on your transaction costs and your productivity. We can help you with this: Our clients experience significant productivity gains by automating up to 90% of their mid- and back office functions with ProTAS.

Several of our customers have achieved an increase in their number of transactions per employee of more than 33%. The productivity increase frees up resources you can use to do what you’re best at: providing good customer service.

The positive effect can be measured directly on the bottom line and the improvement of your overall competitiveness.

The following are just some of the major benefits our customers experience with ProTAS:

  • Fewer emergency manual tasks because data quality is higher with ProTAS
  • Business overview both internally and externally because you have direct access to MIS data
  • Independent choice of suppliers as we can handle bookings regardless of the source of booking
  • Flexibility to expand, even across national borders, due to multi-company environment

  • Freedom to expand functions such as fee management and advanced business administration

  • Guarantee of up-to-date travel technology through our continuous updates

  • Less time spent on IT tasks because everything is simplified in integrated software

Who are using ProTAS?

Currently we have implemented our solutions in 250 locations in 26 countries and we’re privileged to be working with some of the most successful travel agencies in the world.

Our client list includes market leaders and award-winning companies. Joining our growing client list will guarantee that you stay at the forefront of the technological development within the travel industry.

Club Travel
"A major contributing decision factor for choosing ProCon Solution was their ability to handle multi GDS environments”

Business Travel Direct
"ProTAS Back Office certainly contributed to the success of our business over the last few years."

"The flexibility of the ProTAS platform enables us to implement a successful on-line strategy towards higher customer retention."

FCm Ireland
"Rolling out the ProTAS system was worthwhile. Enviably, the adjustments have allowed us to have more capacity on the front end to do more business without increasing our overheads."

V.Ships Marine Travel
"The main thing is, it has helped us enormously in establishing our business. We are local to many diverse regions globally, and we have new clients comming to us all the time."

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